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Glenn Cunningham - Broker
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Glenn Cunningham

A Real Estate Broker who specializes in working with the Boomer, Zoomer and Senior market, A major pillar of our business is the 50 to 70 year olds who may be dealing with the business of a parent. We have assembled a network of exceptional specialists work diligently with the family to make late in life moves, and lifestyle changes as stress free and simple as possible. One of the key components that we use to develop our network is to ask the question, is this professional someone we would ask to look after our mom, if the answer is Yes we will qualify them in the expertise of their profession, if the question has any hesitation then their ability as a professional becomes secondary. Our network of specialists cover all aspects of legal, financial and home care including Aging in Place specialist, Senior Move Managers, Seniors residences Long term care facilities and with the extension of our service to Seniors Clubs and service clubs, churches and social clubs. We also work with senior residences to make the transition smooth and make sure memories are preserved.

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